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I’ve looked at Debbie’s tweet to know if there was any place she stated that her reason for deciding to wake up by 04:50
to make lunch for husband after hearing that an extra spoon was brought for him, was because the colleague may snatch

Why are my fellow women attacking her and accusing her of being insecure?

I know of people who toiled and saved to buy a television set because their children were peeping into people’s houses to watch TVs. People have struggled to build houses because their loved ones were sharing spaces or about to share spaces with others. Will these people be considered insecure?

Why did you upgrade your phone to the latest version just because that’s what’s trending, you want to be seen as
“belonging” and you laugh at people who use old stuff. Why do you feel they need to upgrade to trending (up-to-date) things?. Are you not afraid of being called archaic?

But you are accusing this lady of insecurity over the same thing you do in different versions?

Can we look at it from the point that she probably saw it as a slight? Or as a sign of indictment on her for having a hungry husband that’s almost becoming a charity case at the office, so much that a colleague took that level of pity on him?

See some people may not be financially up there but they have dignity. They have pride. Okay. Even though, even though.

Assuming she did that out of insecurity, who are you to tell her how to love? Is it your cooking or your sleep? Do you know her schedule?

Why do you insist your husband wears his wedding ring and probably have your picture in his office? Are you not very insecure like this?
Why are you calling her names?

This was exactly how you people called Chioma names and as all-knowing, pronounced that she’s not happy in her relationship with David, that she lost out. As if you who didn’t lose out is happier or more financial stable than her.

Anne didn’t escape you guys. Brunella was bashed for holding forth for her husband. You people are on May for months now, goading her to leave her marriage and become enemies with her husband.

When has being poor become a disqualification for being loved and pampered by one’s partner?

I’m always saying it, what matters to you may not matter to another person. What’s achievement to you may not be important to another person. What gives you joy may not be noticed by your neighbor. Your deal breaker may be the kicker for someone else.

Finally, people have different love languages. There are also gender roles although not set on concrete. Adults have rights over their lives and choices as long as they’re not injurious to their neighbors.

I wanted to post one picture laidat about something really good but this one that you people are fighting upandan, let me keep it fess. Let somebody not go and break it in the name of “two fighting”.

Di di uko! Ezi nwanyi amaka.

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