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If only people knew what it means for the BBC to publish an entirely uninvestigated story, let alone a documentary involving this number of people and a big organization (the church in this instance).

I understand how we feel about religion. I also get the reverence for our religious leaders. I understand the skepticism/denial. I know the Bible says we should honor our leaders (not just religious leaders) but we shouldn’t dismiss the entire story as fake.

As a journalist and as someone who has interfaced with the BBC for years now, knowing their policy and inner workings to an extent, I can say that the Corporation has so much to lose and cannot afford to incur that loss just because certain persons didn’t take ownership of the church.

Without categorically saying the story is true or false, I want to ask, why is it that we don’t jump to defend our political leaders when stories break about them no matter how heinous?

Are they not part of the leaders God said we should honor and pray for?

If this documentary had been on the President or a Governor/Senator or even a Mike Adenuga or ljeoma F Uba, would we be calling the BBC names?

There are media houses and there are media houses.

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